Lower Gorge Multi-Day Trip “The Canyons”

3 Days: $900 Adult / $700 Youth (12 and under)


Come and experience with us the 2ND DEEPEST CANYON IN NORTH AMERICA…bring your family and friends and let us plan a trip exclusively for your group. The Salmon River is a Class III River and is the largest un-damned river in the lower 48 states. This trip gets its name “The Canyons” because the river creates 4 distinct canyons; The Green, The Cougar, Snowhole, and Blue. As you pass thru the 54 miles of the Salmon River Canyons you will see the topography change from granite walls, metamorphosed volcanic gorges with columnar basalt formations into the steep canyon walls of the Lower Hells Canyon as you enter the last 20 miles of the journey on the mouth of the Snake River.

The beaches are breathtaking and covered in soft, white sand which make great overnight accommodations during your trip. The summer temperatures are typically very warm, with no humidity, and many people opt to sleep under the stars (but that’s not a requirement, we will furnish tents!). The best of this trip is not only do you experience serene, tranquil waters, but also a little WHITEWATER ADVENTURE going through Class III rapids such as Demon’s Drop, Bodacious Bounce, Snowhole, China, and the Slide. Don’t worry parents; this is a family friendly trip with just enough adventure to keep the kids entertained. Lots of areas to swim and snorkel, the water is warm, and there are great places to fish for rainbow trout and smallmouth bass, so bring your fishing pole and snorkeling gear!

Another great part… This trip is full of HISTORY which you will see from the pictographs that were left by the Indian settlements along the walls of corridors. The Nez Perce Tribe was among the earliest of the known settlers to the area. In the 1800s placer deposits of gold were found along the river and the gold rush began. Miners came to the area and clashed with the Nez Perce on their ancestral tribal lands. Many historical mines can be seen along the river. During your journey you will see the Chinese Pit Dwellings, Abandoned Homesteads, and Old Mining Claims.

They call the Salmon River “THE RIVER OF NO RETURN”, but we think you will come back again and again to experience it. We think it INCREDIBLE and every year we look forward to taking our guests on this three day adventure. We will do our best to customize your trip to make it unique to you and leave behind great memories for years to come.